Designed for those locations where wall and railing fixing is not available, the daisy graphic panel is carried by the jack frame option, to give varied configurations both horizontally (single, double, triple or quadruple) and vertically (double or triple).

Aluminium T section frame with polyester powder coat paint finish. Aluminium carrier frame with a range of graphic material options. 

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Designed as an alternate option to the jack frame, the frank variant is also available in varied configurations both horizontally (single, double, triple or quadruple) and vertically (double or triple).

316 grade stainless steel framework with a course shot peened finish. Aluminium carrier frame with a range of graphic material options. 

fwdesign registered design: 001731555-0004

wall & railing



The daisy family is based on a modular information system to accommodate parks that vary in size, type and offer. The same graphic modules can be configured both horizontally (single, double, triple or quadruple) and vertically (double or triple) and can be applied to wall or railings.

With clean and simple lines, daisy is elegantly proportioned with a minimal frame detail to emphasise the bold, clear graphics. Engineered to quickly and easily attach to existing walls or railings.

fwdesign registered design: 001731555-0004




Fingerposts are prone to vandalism and vehicle damage, and should therefore be used with care. However, in a destination-rich environment, a fingerpost can carry more directional signage than the header panel of a monolith (up to six destinations in any of four directions).

Our fingerpost has double height aluminium fingers for maximum robustness and dual language capability. Fixings are stainless steel and a square section post provides enhanced strength and rigidity.

fwdesign registered design: 001731555-0003




The marker is a new concept in wayfinding - a totally unique and innovative information device. Aimed at cycle routes and walkways, it is extremely flexible in the way it delivers information - from the vitreous top cap to the double infill panels. Whether marking out a nature trail, or providing interpretive information at a heritage site, the marker is set to become a valuable addition to any wayfinding system.

fwdesign registered design: 001604026-0001

poster / solar


There are many situations where information is likely to change quickly - on a park or event site, for example, or for promotional use. poster sign allows you to amend graphic information within minutes, whilst still retaining the high quality, robust characteristics associated with all other products.

Solar sign technology offers commercially viable illumination where access to 240V power supply is difficult or expensive. Now proven over a lengthy test period, solar frank provides sustainable illumination from dusk to dawn.

fwdesign registered design: 001731555-0004

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quality to last decades


fwdesign are hugely experienced in the developing of urban realm products and our family of fwd product represent our 'best practice' solution for today's needs and tomorrow's aspirations.

Our product have been designed to maximise wayfinding effectiveness, value engineered to minimise cost and prototyped and tested to ensure longevity. Product modularity means systems can be easily customised, adapted and updated.

Open plinth: provides a lighter visual impact on the environment, a tapping rail ensures the signage is compliant with equality guidelines.

Aluminium carrier frame with a range of graphic material options. Vitreous Enamel recommended for higher levels of durability.

Frame : Durable aluminium T section frame with polyester powder paint finish to your colour





daisy is an excellent and proved solution to any types of park and playgrounds. The images below show how it would work powerfully within diverse natural environments bringing life to them and conveying important information contents clearly.

Daisy frank 2 horizontal f copy
Daisy Marker Tall copy
Daisy playground v2 copy
Daisy vertica monolith
Daisy jack vertical 3 copy
Daisy Photo Comp 1
Daisy Photo Comp 2 copy

other services


We are experts in core service areas that can be combined to create a seamless offer tailored to support large project initiatives from front end design strategy through to product implementation. We are great team players and love to work collaborately with inspired clients and partner design agencies.

sign location plan


The success on any wayfinding system is dictated by the delivery of the right information in the right place. Our team have many years of experience in strategic planning and locating the best positions for signage and street furniture to compliment the environment. Wayfinding signage should be there when you look for it while enhancing the streetscape and creating a sense of place, not visual clutter.

sign schedule


Our team are experts in managing information content. We have proven development tools to create data structure and manage content review with quality control measures to ensure accurate information content is implemented.



Our maps are very effective communication devices that convey a wealth of diverse information in a visually attractive, easy to interpret and accessible manner. Based on international standards we have developed our own best practise mapping conventions and applied them to the challenges encountered by pedestrians wishing to understand their location, find their destination quickly or easily navigate around the public realm.

information graphics


Our team of graphic designers have specialised expertise in information design for the built environment. We understand the challenges of delivering information in a 3-dimensional format, where physical conditions such as lighting, reflection and crowds of people can all have a significant impact on its effectiveness. With reference to international standards, we test layout options to ensure information is presented in the most intuitive and easily understood manner.

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