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Promoting the joy of play & the beauty of green spaces

One of Waltham Forest’s hidden gems, Leyton Jubilee Park is the borough’s largest park, with over 30 acres of land. It is now an outdoor sporting hub with mini and junior football pitches, a basketball court, a brand new changing pavilion and KukooLaLa Cafe. In addition, the play offer has been substantially increased with a range of new equipment for all ages along with new wildlife areas. The park offers something for everyone and is the perfect place to visit or take a relaxing stroll.

Our brief was to help promote the new park and provide intuitive wayfinding information that highlighted and presented the many attractions in an engaging and accessible format. Our approach applied a map driven wayfinding strategy with a beautiful cartographic style that promoted the natural beauty of the area with an emphasis on play and fun communicated through our ‘play people’.


The wayfinding signage is installed using our Sign Solutions system ‘tim’. To complement the park’s natural environment and to complement the landscaping design, solid Oak posts are incorporated into the sign family structures.


For more information on our tim sign system click ‘here

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