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Promoting the retail offer


The London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames have been carrying out a rejuvenation programme, Uplift, in Whitton, Hampton North, Barnes, Mortlake and Ham. Over the past six months of 2012 a series of physical improvements have been carried out in Whitton High Street; which include new lamp columns, shop fronts, community art project, a new local website and signage.


One of the key requirements was to locally provide a directory of the retail offer of Whitton High Street, which the Legible London system elsewhere in the borough does not promote.


Our recommendation was an on-street retail map and directory that promotes the whole offer on the high street, including connections to local transport, carparks and local destinations.


The Council chose one of our fwd products, jack, to carry the information and benefitted from the proven quality design, accurate upfront costs and very short installation lead times.


The initial phase of installation has two jack products, one outside the train station and the other at the south end of the high street. Each sign has a detailed map of the high street with individual shops drawn and an associated directory on the arrival side and a local area map on the departure side to help with onward journeys and promote the wider offer of Whitton.

relevant projects.

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