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delivering to tight budgets and timescales


The new SouthGate shopping area in Bath, by Multi Developments Ltd, needed temporary signage that would parallel, and eventually integrate with, our ongoing work on Bath's City-wide Information System.


We were asked to create a temporary combined wayfinding product and retail directory that would complement the street furniture already installed in SouthGate. Requirements included the need to reflect the proportions and graphic style of the Bath City Information System wayfinding products still in development, and to be easily updateable with retailers signing up on a weekly basis.


Updatability was achieved through the use of digitally printed colour vinyl maps and directories, reverse applied to glass.

The system was conceived, designed, produced and installed within a short lead-time of three months to be in place before the SouthGate launch in May 2010

"Our requirements were simple: deliver against the brief, on time and on budget. fwdesign did just that
Jon Munce, Associate Director, Multi Developments


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