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Abu Dhabi Plaza is our fifth collaboration with HKR Architects, fwdesign form part of a close-knit international team of consultants on this mixed use, high-end development in Astana, Kazakhstan.

As the branding consultants we have created an identity that has been fully integrated into the development, influencing the design direction across interior architecture, landscaping and lighting.

In parallel with the brand identity we are also developing a fully integrated, multi lingual wayfinding and signage system which reflects the brand expression and complements the interior design vision.


Developed by Aldar Properties, Abu Dhabi Plaza comprises retail, residential, leisure and commercial offices at the core of the new Astana Masterplan.


"Branding is fundamental of the overarching design team, and the collaboration with fwd has been wonderful. fwd continually demonstrate a highly creative, detailed and researched philosophy that lays the foundation for the whole team. Our current collaboration with fwd on Abu Dhabi Plaza has been very engaging and the fwd team are passionate to realise the vision for the client."

Rob Honeywill – Lighting Designer/Director MBLD

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