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Continued developments in digital technology are providing new highly accessible and versatile tools to help deliver powerful integrated wayfinding, interpretive and promotional information resources. Enhanced interactive functionality features along with mobile applications are contributing to new standards of wayfinding best practice.

campus / park / estate
town / city
country / national
world / international

pre-journey / departure


finding destinations planning route / transport

onward-journey / intermediate


onward journey information provision live transport information update

end of journey / arrival


on-street / internal digital information provision through interactive digital monolith screens

we use a powerful mapping engine to deliver a consistent map information provision across all levels and devices.

sam promotion video.

Live Digital Map


web based map

world-wide access via internet

amy - smartplaces app

dedicated app with greater

navigational features

print solutions

consistent map style and contents across printed devices

sid - digital monolith 

on-street provision

Our smart application mapping can be accessed via a range of digital touch points:

digital mapping engine

User interaction.

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