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fwdesign collaborated with Lincoln BIG to develop a unique pedestrian wayfinding and digital information system enhanced with outdoor digital broadcast screens. Bespoke maps communicate the Lincoln City identity and help users navigate from the central High Street outwards to the city edges, while digital screens actively promote city life and current events. We conducted extensive consultation with a broad team of city stakeholders ensuring a scheme that delivered the cities needs.


The concept for Lincoln’s wayfinding strategy is grounded in the principles and values of an accessible city; primarily that of supporting the individual to interpret and understand their surroundings and to plan their journey and create their own experience. This includes raising awareness of the city’s wider offer, encouraging visitors, as well as locals to visit somewhere new and experience some of the city’s many hidden treasures. 


To communicate the richness and diversity of Lincoln’s offer fwdesign designed a bespoke pedestrian wayfinding map that beautifully reflects the environment and architecture of the city. This system is based on a heads up mapping system with the enhancement of rear illumination to ensure added uplift in accessibility standards.

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