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contemporary information system


In August 2009 fwdesign won the tender to create a city-wide information system for Bath, encompassing wayfinding strategy, information graphics and graphic identity. The goal was to capture Bath's 'DNA' and make it one of the most walkable cities in the UK.


A circular map taps into Bath's unique history as a Roman walled city and works beautifully as a navigational device, turning to give a 'heads up' orientation no matter which way the user is facing. The map itself has been drawn to represent every detail of the city, with fonts, pictograms, colour palette and illustrative style all bespoke to Bath. Two map scales are utilised, a whole city wide interpretation map for primary wayfinding plus smaller focus maps, promoting a greater detail and richness illustrated at a larger scale.


The physical structures that carry maps and signage are designed specifically to reflect Bath's unique character, and to tie in with other street furniture designed by Pearson Lloyd.


Collaborating with CityID and PearsonLloyd, FWDesign, developed wayfinding graphics that successfully merge pedestrian and transport routes. Transport was a key element of the brief encouraging modal shifts from private vehicles to public transport, and the wayfinding strategy has ensured that pedestrian and transport maps are integrated from the start. Transport maps utilise the same drawing style, with different colours from the same palette creating differentiation. Finally, because addressing the whole user journey is critical, the new maps have been applied across a variety of media, from website to handheld printed maps and, in time, mobile phone apps.

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