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Dream Unlimited is an award-winning Canadian real estate and management company. As one of Canada’s largest residential land developers Dream have established a reputation for creating considered developments with the whole community in mind. 


Communicating the vision to new customers is a challenge for all developers, especially when the future community is only represented on drawn plans and is still a building site. To help communicate this vision and enhance the Dream marketing collateral we have designed a suite of more accessible and more user-friendly site plans and site maps for the Eastbrook development. Positioning Eastbrook within the wider Regina community and creating a map draw style that promotes amenities, attractions and natural features have all contributed to a more engaging and attractive presentation style.


Our maps are generated in a fully editable format to allow quick and easy local updating of content, delivering a more accessible and versatile promotional and marketing tool.

“While renderings, photography, and video get all the attention, high quality map assets have been a huge asset for us – from brochures and collateral, to our digital portals, to the on-location signage and wayfinding within our communities, fwdesign’s work has helped us do a better job placemaking within our developments”


Michael Tandara

Director of Marketing, Western Canada Land & Housing

relevant projects.

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