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city centre wayfinding scheme


Our long history of working in Ireland continues with our appointment by Galway City Council as consultants responsible for the development of a new city centre wayfinding scheme. Galway aim to become a model for sustainable transport with walking forming the intrinsic core element of an integrated transport solution. It is our vision to develop a bespoke, fully inclusive dual-language information system that raises awareness to Galway's richness of opportunity, encourages greater exploration and changes the way people perceive and understand the city and choose to interact and navigate around the numerous destinations and attractions.

For a compact city with a confined medieval heart, our wayfinding approach is a map-based provision. Maps are the most effective and accessible devise to inclusively promote a whole city offer; it's richness and character. Maps encourage investigation and discovery with users more likely to wander off the main routes, explore and experience the hidden streets, alleyways and destinations of the city. For anyone visiting Galway, we want to expose the beauty of the city and make the journey as important as the destination.

The project is currently at a design detail stage with the intentions to progress through engineering development and into manufacture and installation later this year.

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