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Dublin Docklands



Dublin Docklands Development Authority was set up several years ago to champion the development of a 1,300 acre site of prime riverside land close to Dublin city centre. We were invited to join the team in 2004, creating a wayfinding strategy for the first phase of the development and translating this into a dual language navigation system and contemporary signage family detailed to accommodate regular information content upgrades concluding in an eventual vitreous enamel map finish specification.


Since then we have added to the system to create a Dublin Docklands Heritage Trail and extended the systems reach geographically across numerous expansion phases to encompass the wider development areas, currently in phase five. The recent introduction of the fwd designed Dublin City pedestrian wayfinding system has created an exciting opportunity to extend the new system into Docklands to unify the whole city with one single, consistent wayfinding system.


When this happens in late 2012, Docklands existing signage system will become surplus to their requirements. Designed with a 25 year life expectancy Docklands signage structures are too good to scrap and as a great example of sustainable design, we are supporting the relocation of the redundant signage structures which will be factory refurbished to give them a second lease of life as a newly branded signage system for the neighboring town of Dún Laoghaire.

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