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a campus with public highway connections



fwdesign was originally commissioned to conduct an audit to assess ease of movement around the University of Kent's campus, which is built on 300 acres of parkland on the outskirts of Canterbury city centre. The campus contains multiple amenities and services, including student accommodation, a sports centre, and theatre. Conference facilities are offered for use throughout the year, and bus stops within the campus connect to the city centre as well as destinations further afield.


Our review identified key wayfinding issues relating to signage, communication and inconsistency of naming across the many amenities and services. In addition, a detailed review of vehicular traffic and points of arrival scoped a vehicular wayfinding system based on a DfT signage approach. As a public highway connected through the campus, this approach ensured a consistent visual language and information format for the user.


We have now implemented a campus-wide vehicular and external pedestrian wayfinding signage scheme and scoped an internal signage strategy with wayfinding scheme and guidelines manual.

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