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Smart Destination


Smart Destination Placemaking applies the latest digital technologies to complement traditional signage provision and create powerful, seamless promotional information provision accessed across web, mobile and on-street platforms.

The bespoke digital master map is designed to enhance the Reading brand and to raise attention to key attractions, amenities, and community services. Map content can be easily and quickly updated ensuring map accuracy and continued relevance to client / user’s needs. Access to the digital map is straightforward with free streamed data to any internet connected device.

Key interactive features include map zoom, map rotation, current user location display and promotional pop-up windows. Mobile and tablet App versions are also available with advanced features including user sat-nav mode to support walking and cycling along with heads-up 3D map views.

Consistent application
Our approach was to create a flexible provision with system modularity offering customisation and design specification detailing to create a bespoke local aesthetic.

To ensure system consistency the suite of digital maps and on-street signage products are designed to be complimentary and detailed to deliver an integrated and seamless wayfinding provision.

fwdesign products are designed to deliver ‘best practice’ solutions that maximise wayfinding effectiveness. Our products are value engineered to minimise development cost, detailed to support easy maintenance, and specified to ensure longevity.

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