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connecting the local communities


Burgess Park was previously home to factories, densely populated streets and the Surrey Canal but was badly bombed during World War II. Over the subsequent decades the land has been gradually assembled and landscaped creating Southwark's largest public park. We are briefed to support the re-positioning of Burgess Park as an amenity central to the local community and to promote and encourage greater usage.  


Our approach was to create a new brand identity complemented with a bespoke, content rich park map. Wider information provision including welcome, cycling route and statutory notices will be delivered by signage systems frank and mark. There inherent design flexibility and system modularity has allowed bespoke variants to be quickly developed whilst retaining a consistent design language and aesthetic across the family of signs. Phase one installation of 47 signs is planned for late May 2013.  


"We are very excited to be receiving a new wayfinding system for Burgess Park and think that the frank and mark signage systems are a perfect combination for our needs. The ability to modify the signage designs to create bespoke variants was a very important feature of the fwd product offering, further enhanced with accurate production cost quotations that greatly benefitted our project budget management."

Ruth Miller, Burgess Park Project Manager

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