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Wolff Olins had been working with PwC for eight years on their brand overhaul designed to differentiate them from the other "big four" professional services networks and to modernise how it represents its worldwide network to its clients.

Wolff Olins recommended us as the ideal partner to collaborate with them on the development of the new PwC brand into signage applications.


Across a concentrated eight weeks period we translating the brand, designing and detailing the physical translation of the new PwC identity, creating a sign manual that detailed the signage family to meet the launch date for the worldwide rollout. The sign manual was designed as a 3D brand 'bible' detailing each sign elements manufacturing and installation specifications presented in a way to successfully transcended language barriers across all PwC's international offices.

All designs were fully engineered, prototyped and tested in order to prove their suitability across a range of locations and budgets – not to mention local resources and local planning restrictions. We established the fundamental wayfinding and information provision strategy that was modular and based on key principals that allowed roll-out across all countries, and all types and scales of offices.


"As a Creative Director at Wolff Olins I worked in close collaboration with fwdesign on the global re-branding of PwC in 2010. They brought a rare mix of creativity and technical expertise that's hard to find and delivered a huge amount of work under pressure."Martin Brown Creative Director, Wolff Olins

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