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Look, listen and learn



By the end of September 2009, Islington Council's new parks signage scheme had rolled out 300 signs across all 127 Greenspaces. These range from Highbury Fields, its largest continuous open space (29 acres), to numerous pocket parks.


The signage system supports local history and interpretative information. There are also 'Find' modules that encourage visitors to look for flora and fauna, 'Listen' modules that provide 'wind-up' audio information and Community modules that highlight local community events and attractions.


The innovative 'Listen' modules, which are durable, cost effective, low maintenance and environmentally sound, will be installed in six of Islington's parks. Each comprises two three-minute voice messages, one for adults and another for children. They were scripted and produced by Year 9 pupils at Islington Arts and Media School. Islington is the first borough to introduce this technology into a London park environment.

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