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A system that supports flyposting


Houghton Street is famous at the London School of Economics as a site for flyposting by students. The college does not want to restrict freedom, however, the prolific use of Blu-Tack causes maintenance issues with the building stone.


To complement our wayfinding and signage strategy for the LSE – taking users from the public realm to the office door – we were asked to find a solution that would enhance the campus whilst still allowing the tradition to continue.


We designed a solution that was dual purpose, consisting of a series of vitreous enamel panels mounted to the window railings; this provides protection for the windows and tidies up the street, as well as providing a controlled space for students to use without damage to the fabric of the building.


The panels are cleared of flyposts at the end of each day, so a background of interpretive information illustrates the history of the LSE, the college today and the local area.

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