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Islington council wayfinding


One of the most important aspects of our relationship with Islington is our ability to help the Council ‘sell in’ ideas to other stakeholders in order to secure capital investment. Project management skills have also been crucial in liaising not only between departments but also across neighbouring Councils.


Our first project for Islington was to create a wayfinding strategy and a family of signs that could potentially be used across the Borough. The capital expenditure required for such a large-scale project was secured on the back of successful pilot trials on Islington High Street. The pedestrian wayfinding system has now been successfully rolled out across the whole borough.

It even became the catalyst for other Council departments to involve us in their own projects in the interests of a holistic vision for the Borough.


This was the only project where Islington had ‘100% positive feedback’ according to Bridget Fox, former Deputy Leader.

relevant projects.

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