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Wayfinding & brand implementation for luxurious urban development

Riverside Quarter is a prestigious residential, leisure and business development established on the banks of the River Thames. Located in the vibrant heart of Wandsworth, Riverside Quarter is home to stylish and contemporary living in South West London.

​Central to Riverside Quarter’s charm are the gardens that weave throughout the neighborhood. The Piazza provides restaurants, cafes and convenience shopping whilst the various businesses that occupy some of the ground floor premises ensure there is life and bustle all day round.

Developed over number of years and several phases the site had inherited a fragmented wayfinding provision. Our strategic approach unified the whole site and created an on-brand wayfinding / placemaking system providing seamless vehicular and pedestrian navigation from site arrival through to internal residential and leisure destinations. Our bespoke information graphics and destination mapping create a sense of place, locating Riverside Quarter within its local area whilst promoting site amenities and key navigation routes.


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