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heads up in romford


Romford’s linear layout and circular ring road lend themselves to a new approach to wayfinding. A diagrammatic, heads-up map with linear directional signage has allowed us to dispense with traditional fingerposts. Instead we have created an innovative and striking system of 20 monoliths, which always offers navigational information relevant to the direction the reader is facing.


Following the success of the wayfinding system, we were asked to extend it to encompass a wider area – initially into the underpasses surrounding the town. The new monoliths and maps were installed around Romford in April 2008. Initial user comments were very positive:


"I hate reading maps, but that makes it look really simple….I've used it already; it has really helped me out…It's simple to use….I like the breadcrumbs trail… I've never looked at the town like that before".


“We set out to break the rules and that is exactly what fwdesign has done. This approach to wayfinding does away with traditional fingerposts and provides users with information on what is ahead, behind and to the side of them, no matter which way they are facing. We believe it sets a new benchmark in town centre wayfinding and one that other London boroughs and city centres will seek to replicate.”


Chris Smart, Regeneration Officer, London Borough of Havering.

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