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frank family
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eva meets every need


View your signage as an expression of your brand and identity. Let Eva help deliver your bespoke information graphics and seamlessly integrate your internal signage with your interior design style. Designed to support your attention to detail and need for a bespoke design solution, Eva offers flexibility in panel size and an infinite range of graphic panel materials, finishes and application of your graphic design aspirations. Eva will also help you maintain information accuracy and allow quick and easy replacement of outdated information panels when required.


explore your creativity.

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any size, colour, material.

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infinitely flexible


Flexibility in panel size up to 3m long and 3m wide, and an infinite range of graphic panel materials, finishes and application of your graphic design aspirations.

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up to 3m

up to 3m

Built up letters & forms
Layering of material
Cut outs & reveals

Built up letters & forms

Layering of materials

Cut outs & reveals

quality to last decades

fwdesign are experts in the design of internal signage solutions and our eva sign system

delivers our 'best practice' approach for contemporary internal wayfinding needs. Design detailed to support cost effective system maintenance, graphic panels are easily removed and updated or replaced if content changes are required.

frank spec
eva exploded V1.jpg

Extruded aluminium frame with durable anodised finish. Extrusion available in two sizes, large and small.

Level ID - silk screen graphics to shaped aluminium panel, fixed through rear face of backing board.

Natural timber veneer bonded to rigid backing panel with silk screen graphics. Tactile braille pin fixed to backing board.


Graphic panel - mounted into the framework using magnetic fixing tape to support easy ongoing system maintenance.


any material


Timber veneer - Natural timber veneer bonded to rigid backing panel with silk screened graphics. Level ID silk screened to shaped aluminium panel, bolted through rear face of backing board. Tactile braille pinned through backing board when required. Graphic panel mounted in anodised aluminium extrusion.


Leather - Natural leather bonded to rigid backing panel. Raised level numerals and dividers in 3mm thick brushed stainless steel, pinned to backing board. Contrasting paint finish to highlight level ID with graphic content and pictograms silk screened. Graphic panel is mounted in anodised aluminium extrusion.


Stainless steel - Stainless steel panel with brushed finish bonded to rigid backing panel. Silk screened graphics with raised level highlight bar created from 1.5mm polyester powder coated aluminium with cut out details creating a layering effect with exposed contrasting paint infill below.


Bronze - 3mm bronze panel with laser-cut numerals and dividers with bronze backing panel creating relief detail. Highlight level numeral and bar in contrasting yellow paint finish. Destination text and icons silk screened to graphic face. Panel mounted in anodised aluminium extrusion painted to match graphic colour specifications.

Glass - 10mm thick toughened glass panel with reverse applied digitally printed vinyl graphics. A cost effective specification delivering a clean aesthetic with high levels of durability.

Acrylic - Layered acrylic panel with cut-out level numerals backed up with contrasting acrylic in white and yellow. Destination text, icons and level dividers silk screened to graphic face. Frame extrusion can be painted to match graphic colour specifications.




eva is infinitely flexible in dimensions, materials and applications. She will easily integrate with your interior design scheme delivering consistency of design approach, material and finish specifications. Here she shows examples of her many versatility.

other services

other services


We are experts in core service areas that can be combined to create a seamless offer tailored to support large project initiatives from front end design strategy through to product implementation. We are great team players and love to work collaborately with inspired clients and partner design agencies.

sign location plan


The success on any wayfinding system is dictated by the delivery of the right information in the right place. Our team have many years of experience in strategic planning and locating the best positions for signage and street furniture to compliment the environment. Wayfinding signage should be there when you look for it while enhancing the streetscape and creating a sense of place, not visual clutter.

sign schedule


Our team are experts in managing information content. We have proven development tools to create data structure and manage content review with quality control measures to ensure accurate information content is implemented.

frank sign multi signage for city, town on street



Our maps are very effective communication devices that convey a wealth of diverse information in a visually attractive, easy to interpret and accessible manner. Based on international standards we have developed our own best practise mapping conventions and applied them to the challenges encountered by pedestrians wishing to understand their location, find their destination quickly or easily navigate around the public realm.

frank sign multi signage for city, town on street

information graphics


Our team of graphic designers have specialised expertise in information design for the built environment. We understand the challenges of delivering information in a 3-dimensional format, where physical conditions such as lighting, reflection and crowds of people can all have a significant impact on its effectiveness. With reference to international standards, we test layout options to ensure information is presented in the most intuitive and easily understood manner.

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