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bognor regis


Bognor Regis is a well-known traditional seaside resort in West Sussex, England. Its costal assets, town centre amenities, good public transport and home to Butlins Holiday Camp draws 385,000 visitors a year to the area.


With a major program of town centre regeneration reaching completion, Arun District Council recognised the need and economic value of attracting the many thousands of Butlins Holiday Camp residents to visit the town and explore the many attractions and amenities on offer.


We were commissioned to deliver a new pedestrian wayfinding system that promoted connectivity across the town centre, the seafront and strengthened pedestrian links between Butlins and the town.


A key aspect in the success of our approach has been the implementation of vibrant area maps that reflect the natural beauty of the costal environment and promote the key attractions of the town. Installed on-street at key arrival and decision points the mapping style is consistently adopted by business improvement groups and town centre management in delivering a consistent identity and welcoming message to all Bognor Regis visitors.


Our Sign Solutions monolith design ‘frank’ was the preferred signage system, selected for his contemporary design aesthetic, material specifications and resulting durability for longevity in the demanding Coastal environment.

"fwdesign use a unique process of map-led signage design which is underpinned by a database of the attractions you wish to promote on your maps/signs.  While the process is strongly objective and fact-driven, the resulting monolith signs are user-friendly, stylish and much admired locally in Bognor Regis. Their stylistic design work was impeccable and picked up on all the key brand notes, and their advice on the best monolith signage systems for our harsh marine environment was also spot on, both in terms of materials and style.  They were patient with our extensive council consultation requirements and the resulting extended contract timescale, and proactively managed the design and manufacturing phase liaison with the sign provider on our behalf.  

The bonus of their design process is that, having the designed the 'Master Map' for the signs, it can then be tailored and reused for different mapping uses such as trails, visitor guides and the like, creating a unified look and feel to the many maps about your town. The maps can also be used online and interactively via mobile platforms, making this a very useful bye-product of the sign design process!"

Caroline Gosford

Regeneration Manager, Arun District Council

relevant projects.

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