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Wayfinding Strategy and Master Plan

The completion of the Bennelong Bridge in 2016, connecting Wentworth Point and Rhodes has created the opportunity to develop a world class walking and cycling circuit around Homebush Bay. As a leading example of urban renewal, Sydney Olympic Park is transforming into an area of increasing commercial, educational and residential development. A high quality, separated, active transport circuit will help to ensure this unique part of Sydney is enjoyed by as many people as possible Using a combination of physical and digital wayfinding technology, this wayfinding strategy and Master Plan will help local and visitors both navigate the Circuit, as well as interpret the area’s rich history and natural beauty.

This Wayfinding Strategy and Master Plan provides a detailed, comprehensive plan to guide future investment to ensure the Homebush Bay Circuit becomes a well recognised and popular addition to the region’s existing attractions. It is Difficult to think of a better legacy from the site of the Sydney 2000 Olympics than a world class walking and cycling network that interfaces seamlessly with the waterfront and celebrates the area’s unique history while embracing its future development as a residential and employment centre.

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Live Homebush Bay digital map

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